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The right therapy way for acute patients

Technological innovation, wide range of therapies and ease of use are the essential features of Lynda®.

Complex clinical conditions, such as those of patients in intensive care, undergoing surgery, with multiple traumas, sepsis, multi-organ failure, cardiopathy, affected by immune pathologies and intoxication, require integrated therapeutic approaches capable of assuring versatility, functionality, rapidity and effectiveness.

The Bellco’s all-embracing offer for all these pathologies, derived from the combination ofhighly innovative treatments and cutting-edge equipment, provides a completely new outlook on acute patients.

Lynda® does the CPFA® therapy (Coupled Plasma Filtration Adsorption) dedicated to the treatment of sepsis and it is able to do renal disease’s treatments (continuous or intermittent) such as isolated ultrafiltration, hemofiltration, hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration other than plasma exchange treatments.
All treatments done by Lynda® are safely managed thanks to the following technical features:

Continual monitoring of hematocrit and oxygen saturation
High autonomy of up to 40 litres of solution with possibility of pre and post-dilution
Software user-friendly with automatic priming
Direct interface with touch screen
High visibility display with “on-line guide”
“Plug & play” operation with pre-assembled kit with integrated filter and lines
History file with 300 hours of memory
Heater of infusion/dialysate fluid with settable temperature between 30 and 40°C

Lynda technical sheet


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Abylcap® removes CO2 quickly, easily and effectively with utmost safety while at the same time optimising mechanical ventilation and protecting the patient’s lungs. Bellco proposes this new method, integrated with the Lynda system, to treat patients suffering from ALI (Acute Lung Injury) and ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) triggered by other disease such as sepsis, MOF (Multi Organ Failure), COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and multi-trauma.

Abylcap® functions according to a simple and safe mechanism: the blood aspirated from the patient is directed to the oxygenator, which progressively removes CO2 by means of a special phosphorylcholine-coated membrane, bringing levels down to optimal values.

Four consecutive days of treatment guaranteed: the system can conduct four consecutive days of treament thanks to properties of the membrane that maintains its performance.

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