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MyoBravo is a multifunctional neuromuscular stimulator designed and developed by MTR+ Vertriebs Gmbh in close working relationship with medics, patients and athletes, taking most recent knowledge and developments into consideration. This device is a modern 2 channel stimulator, which incorporates 2 outputs for each channel, therefore allowing simultaneous use of 4 pairs of electrodes (= 8 electrodes) at one time. If necessary, you can use vaginal- or rectal-probes as well. MyoBravo is a combined device, providing a highly effective muscle stimulation suitable for both sportive and therapeutic purposes as well as for pain therapy (TENS) and for relief of urinal and faecal incontinence. MyoBravo places a special emphasis on its use in the fields of competitive and recreational sports. Initiated in the field of competitive sport, this device contains numerous programs to increase muscle power and to withstand tiredness. This unit places great emphasis on regeneration by relaxation, external purification and active rehabilitation. In addition there are further three free configurable programs which allow the specialist to create his own specially tailored program for his individual requirements. This extra feature of MyoBravo offers the opportunity to every sports scientist, trainer, doctor or physiotherapist, but also to the athlete or patient, to plan a training which is carefully balanced in accordance with the progress of performance. As these programs can be adjusted at any time, nearly unlimited latitude of variations is available to the user.